Info: Blatant Satanism at Music Event called Qlimax [NWO]

Here’s a video which shows a very popular annual Rave called Qlimax, considered one of the leading Music events in the world. As you’ll be able to see, it is packed with Satanism, and it is amazing to see how people are actually enjoying themselves, ignoring how they are being clearly indoctrinated to give up their souls.

Info: CNN talking about Freemasons and Rick Ross Exposed as One

Hi everybody, here is a video showing a news report on CNN, talking about the role that Freemasons had in the formation of the United States, showing their symbols, the many influential people that were and are part of it, as well as the fact of how secret and real it is. There is also an interview with Rick Ross, talking about the song Freemason, which happens to feature Jay Z.

Info: James Brown Sold His Soul to the Devil [Satanism in Music]

Here’s an interesting short-film called ‘Beat the Devil’, which shows how the famous singer James Brown Sold his Soul to Satan for fortune and fame. Not happy with having aged, he goes to meet with the Devil, to ask for an extension on his contract. Satan makes a bet with him, offering youth, if he can beat him in a car race, which James Brown is able to win, thanks to his driver Clive Owen.

Info: Mind Control, KRS-One and T.I. Exposed [Satanism in Hip Hop]

Here’s another video exposing Satanism in Hip Hop, and all the control that goes on in the Music Industry. This one starts with Michael Jackson exposing the System, after he realized they were completely manipulating his career and ultimately his life, reason why he started to speak out, which eventually ended up causing his dead, by the hidden hand of the Illuminati.

Rappers who Sold their Souls

What’s up everybody, I’m back with another article exposing d’evils in the Music Industry, check out this study in which I try to show you enough facts to make everyone realize that most well known rappers or artists in general have gotten to the point of literally selling their souls to the Devil to receive the fame and fortune they crave so much, it is plainly said in the lyrics of artists like Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and many others.

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Artists who Sold their Souls