Artists Sell their Souls's a clip from a Comedy Show called "the Mighty Bush", which basically portrays how a Jazz fan sells his Soul to the Devil, in order to become one of the greatest Jazz musicians. Although a joke, what is said in the video is a clear example of what really happens in the industry, artists in fact sell their Souls to become posses by a Spirit that performs through them.

Info: CNN talking about Freemasons and Rick Ross Exposed as One

Hi everybody, here is a video showing a news report on CNN, talking about the role that Freemasons had in the formation of the United States, showing their symbols, the many influential people that were and are part of it, as well as the fact of how secret and real it is. There is also an interview with Rick Ross, talking about the song Freemason, which happens to feature Jay Z.

Info: Satanism in the Music Industry [Illuminati Control]

Check out the following video, exposing more of the Satanism in the Music Industry. This one will focus on Will Smith & Jada Pinkett’s daughter, Willow Smith, who seems to have been some type of offering to the system, from the way that she’s been acting. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about this little girl, who is sadly being driven down the road of perdition at such a young age by her blind parents, so I decided to post this video talking about her.

Info: The Force Behind the Music Industry [Satanism in Hip Hop]

Listen to the Fresh Prince (Will Smith) sing about giving his soul to a demon, also look at footage of LL Cool J showing his connection with the pyramid, Mobb Deep rapping about what Illuminati wants, and Snoop Dogg selling his soul to Satan in the video “Murder was the Case”. By the end, there are pictures of several artists also revealing their alliance to Lucifer and its kingdom.

Info: Kanye West’s ‘Power’ Exposed [Satanism in Music]

I have received some emails and comments concerning Kanye West’s video “Power”, and even though it is just a short video, is enough to see once again Kanye’s Satanic affiliation, using a whole bunch of symbolism, making himself to be god, with illuminated eyes, having a halo above his head, in between the Masonic Temple Pillars, with the huge head of Horus (Antichrist) hanging off his neck, women with horns, representing fallen angels, like Baphomet, also water bearers, representing the age of Aquarius beginning at the moment according to many people, and the New Agers associate it with the coming of their teacher, the False-Messiah.

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