Info: FEMA prepares for an UFO Attack [Fake Alien Invasion Coming]

Fire Fighters are now being trained by FEMA, to prepare for an Alien Invasion. In their “Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control” found in ‘fire houses’ across the USA, there are many different scenarios, however chapter 13th, entitled “Enemy Attack and UFO Potential”, says that fire fighters may experience the “unexpected arrival of UFO’s in your communities”.

Info: Aliens are Fallen Angels & Demons According to Researchers

Here’s a video showing many great quotes from many well known and respected UFO researchers, basically stating how Aliens are actually Demons. It was said by John Ankerberg, that Aliens simply don’t act like extraterrestrials, they actually mold themselves to fit an specific culture. Arthur C. Clarke agrees, saying that they came as gods back in the day to ancient cultures, however, now due to the lies told to the people in order to program them for a future event, they come posing as visitors from other planets.

Info: ‘Aliens’ are Fallen Angels and Demons [UFO’s | Aliens]

Blessings ya’ll, today I wanted to post a short video, explaining something which people need to understand regarding what everyone knows as Aliens and U.F.O’s, and that is the fact that everything relating to the way the act, according to thousands of reported abductions, leads researchers to conclude that they are extra-dimensional creatures, instead of extra-terrestrial as most believe.