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Music Industry Exposed

Hello people, here's a nice video showing many of the things which I have already written about here on the site, as well as some more new revealing footage, it focuses mostly on exposing Jay Z a bit more, with an interview from a while back in which he talks about how the eye in the dollar Bill is the Devil, meaning he has known all along who he is following, then speaking about his song D'evils, which is an oath to the Devil and his worldly organization, the Illuminati, a track in which he talks about his decision to sell his soul, letting Devils take control over him, also listen to a track by Busta Rhymes in which he seems to be coming out as a Mason, then Rihanna also speaking of an oath she took to get where she is at, in her biggest hit "Umbrella", Oath which just like Jay Z and many others, she is not going to break, cause it would cause their death, to expose the Elite, the group of people these puppets think to be a part of, counting Fabulous and Diddy, as seen in the video. Lastly check out how Satanism is explained by a Satanist Priest and by Marilyn Manson, then hear Jay Z's words, and try to find a difference, listen also to the words of other entertainers following and promoting the same agenda with a different banner, like that of the 5 percenters, enjoy the info, peace y'all.


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