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Info: Jay Z and Busta Rhymes’ Oath of Secrecy [Satanism in Music]

Info: Jay Z and Busta Rhymes’ Oath of Secrecy [Satanism in Music]

The video will mainly focus on Jay Z and what he said in his song “D’Evils”, showing his alliance to the Illuminati through his lyrics which represent the Oath, swearing to give his life before speaking about the Secret Society and their plan of world domination under Lucifer as God. Besides this, there’s footage of an interview from a while back, in which Jay Z explains how the Eye on the One dollar Bill is the Devil. Also, check out a piece from a track by NORE featuring Busta Rhymes, entitled “The Oath”, in which Busta confesses to be something like a Mason, therefore in a Secret Society, saying that he will die before breaking the Oath.

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