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Time began its calculations through His intentions, and since Matter has dimensions, Space was among his inventions, through the contraction of His Light...

Koresh - One


Posts about the End Times, fulfillment of Prophecies, Secret Societies such as the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, and their New World Order.

Koresh ≠ Al -

...la gente ya no busca la razón, solo quieren sentir algo en el corazón, son adictos a la emoción, una sobredosis les dará en la Gran Tribulación

Koresh ≠ Al -

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Koresh - Prison

...lost at sea, the masses are missing, they’re swimming in confusion, believing illusions generated to trap you in delusion...

Koresh - Prison

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Koresh - Juicio Final

...por los teléfonos inteligentes no levantan la frente, verdaderamente las redes sociales los han pescado...

Koresh - Juicio Final

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